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10 common mistakes that damage your health these days at home

Confinement can end up taking its toll on you if you don’t keep up your routines and forget about your good habits. Take note of some mistakes that you should avoid if you want your health not to suffer from the coronavirus crisis.

Why are we fooling ourselves, it is not easy to spend the day stuck at home without falling into apathy. However, we must force ourselves to maintain a routine and avoid certain habits that can be harmful to our health. These are some of the mistakes that we are making during the confinement and that we must avoid if we want to return to normal with full physical and mental faculties. Don’t make these mistakes if you want to get out of quarantine!


We wash our hands a lot during seclusion, but there are those who are forgetting to take a shower once a day and, even more importantly, brush their teeth after their main meals. Dr. Iván Malagón warns of the relevance of oral cleaning to avoid suffering from dental and gastrointestinal problems during quarantine: “We must take care of the teeth and the entire structure that surrounds them by carrying out correct hygiene.


As always, in any situation of uncertainty, extreme positions are dangerous.  On the one hand we find the cosmetic overdose: as I get bored,and they have also told me that I must continue using cosmetics, I wear everything, even those creams that I have saved for months. Error! There is a condition called ‘cosmetic overdose’, which is caused by saturation of the skin and manifests itself with an evident increase in sebum production (pores, thick skin, etc.) and can lead to acne breakouts and hypersensitivity.  Between teleworking, the children, the washing machines, the meals, clapping at 8:00 p.m. and the children again… Error again


Laziness means that many days we end up getting into the shower shortly before going to sleep and we go to bed with wet hair or with traces of moisture. This is not only harmful for our hair and scalp, but also for our body, since we can get cold during the night and wake up with a very careful cold.  The scalp suffers from a long period of humidity and gradually loses strength. On the other hand, when you wake up, you can find yourself out of tune and with frizzy hair full of knots.


Not taking off your pajamas all day is fine from time to time, but doing it on a regular basis can have dire consequences for our personal development. Different studies show that the clothes we wear every day, even at home, have a great impact on our mood and attitude. Wearing the right clothes motivates us and helps us focus on our tasks. You don’t have to wear a suit jacket to work from home; use comfortable clothes, but with which you look good. It also doesn’t hurt to dress up a little and put on makeup from time to time. It doesn’t matter if you can’t go out… it will lift your spirits a lot and improve your self-esteem!


How many days have you worked in bed or on the sofa since the state of emergency was decreed? Enabling a suitable area at home to work is essential to ensure good body hygiene and increase concentration and performance. Alejandro Sanz Castel-Ruiz, physiotherapist, osteopath and director of the clinics Somos Fisioterapia, warns of the dangers of not sitting properly: “Bad postures derived from poor ergonomics due to teleworking can trigger lower back pain due to the lack of permanent back support. They can also cause cervical discomfort or headaches since, without realizing it, we move our neck forward to bring it closer to the screen. In addition, if you tend to cross or interlock your legs and keep them in that position for a long time, there is a decrease in the return blood circulation of the legs and can cause a feeling of numbness or loss of sensation. This sensation is temporary and is restored as soon as you uncross your legs, but if it is habitually maintained over time, it is the main cause of the appearance of varicose veins”.


Boredom, anxiety, stress… many times lead us to eat more than we should, snack more between meals, skip some meals, not drink enough water, indulge in vices… With confinement, the consumption of chocolate has increased considerably , sweets, tobacco and alcoholic beverages. We must control these habits if we want to avoid being overweight and some ailments such as cholesterol and diabetes. Doctor of Pharmacy and nutritionist Amil López Viéitez, from the Dieta Coherente platform , encourages us not to include ‘dangerous foods’ on the shopping list: “Be smarter than hunger and avoid temptations at home. ultra – processed foodsand fast food activate the reward and pleasure brain areas, causing you to overeat and generating addiction” –says Amil and adds- “In order not to overeat or commit excesses that could end up making a dent in your health, it is advisable that you learn to identify physical hunger and emotional hunger. Over the next few days, write down what you eat, when you do it, how you feel… This will help you to recognize if you really are physically hungry and you will be able to anticipate situations of certain lack of control”.

  • Trick! The expert recommends incorporating cinnamon into yogurts and infusions to fill you up sooner. The temperature of the food also influences satiety: it is preferable to eat it warm than fresh from the fridge.


The current situation is greatly disrupting our schedules and our habits. Most experts agree on the importance of establishing certain routines within our possibilities, but the truth is that we go to bed later, sleep at odd hours, etc.  Not having a daily routine with details of the activities to be carried out by time segments can lead to the appearance of sleep disorders and also a reduction in productivity and concentration in our day to day life.


Spending the day reading, watching or listening to information about the coronavirus, far from being useful, can end up being detrimental to our mental health, causing discomfort, anxiety, nervousness or depression.  According to sociologist expert in neurolinguistics Alicia Aradilla. It is preferable to select channels and be informed only once a day. If you are ‘hooked’ on these channels, try to direct the information towards humor or inspiration (art, documentaries, series, etc.)”. Creative activities like painting mandalas , for example, can also help you.


Although in social networks we do not stop seeing how people presume to be doing sports at home and taking advantage of this parenthesis to get in shape, the truth is that there is a lot of “social posturing”. A high percentage of the population acknowledges showing a certain laziness and declares that they spend the day from bed to sofa and from sofa to bed, only making strategic trips to the kitchen to open the fridge.  “Being enclosed within four walls we don’t move half as much as we do under normal circumstances. We must try to do some sport to counteract the drop in pace. Getting some exercise will keep your heart active and help you burn off the day’s excesses. It is not necessary to beat yourself up every day; It would be enough to alternate upper body and lower body work with some cardiovascular activity to maintain good physical shape,


As recommended by the WHO and the Ministry of Health, we must take extreme personal hygiene measures by washing our hands frequently with soap and water and disinfect the surfaces of our home to end the coronavirus. Both organizations explain that the virus loses its infectivity after being exposed to commonly used disinfectants and cleaning products in general, such as bleach. Now, be very careful not to use a higher concentration of bleach than is recommended,Well, as reported by the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences, telephone consultations for poisonings related to the mixture of cleaning products in homes have increased considerably. To avoid this type of incident, we must carefully read the instructions for each product before using it.

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