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12 applications that will down the performance of your mobile

There are applications that can weigh down even the best mobile on the market because of how slow they are, the accesses they request or their continuous updating. We show you a list of twelve applications that may be causing your phone’s performance problems.

The storage capacity or the power of smartphones are not one of the main problems for most terminals, even when it comes to cheap mobiles. Even among the simplest terminals, we can find mobiles that offer excellent performance for most users.

However, your smartphone can suffer a significant drop in performance  if you use  apps that have not been optimized —or that are directly badly programmed, which also exist— and use more resources than they should , crashing the operation of your mobile .

Some poorly optimized apps continue to consume the same resources in the background as when you’re using them, so the processor and RAM don’t take long to slow down their performance, no matter how powerful or how much memory the phone has.

Luckily, on Google Play there is a huge variety of apps and it won’t be difficult for you to find a much more optimized alternative for some of these 12 applications that weigh down the performance of your mobile .

Unfortunately, most of them are apps that we are used to using every day , which have been growing in functions and features, becoming a kind of Frankenstein’s monster to which code fragments have been added without optimizing the impact it has on smartphones.

These are 12 applications that weigh down the performance of your mobile and that you should uninstall immediately to enjoy a smooth and blockage-free user experience again.


There was a time, a few years ago, when Clean Master was an app that fulfilled its mission: optimize the performance of your mobile and clean the junk files that are generated with use.

Currently the app does just the opposite and instead of improving the performance of your mobile it has become a real black hole of resources that does nothing but slow it down.

Android has substantially improved its efficiency when it comes to managing resources, so forcing apps to close, deleting caches and historical files on your mobile is now even counterproductive for mobile performance and battery consumption.

In addition, the app has increased considerably in size by adding more and more functions that the user may not need but that, anyway, he executes with each launch of the app consuming resources even if he is not using it directly. For that reason, Clean Master (or any other miracle app that claims to optimize your smartphone or its temperature ) is an app you should remove.


Facebook ‘s problems are not limited to the inappropriate use of user data by  Cambridge Analytica , its official Android app suffers from serious performance problems that have even been recognized by the company itself.

In addition to being one of the apps that occupies the most space  in the internal storage of the mobile, its code is not optimized at all. This causes it to consume a huge amount of RAM and battery, even when it is in the background, as it must constantly stay connected to its servers to receive notifications, location, etc.

Being aware of this, Zuckerberg’s company launched Facebook Lite , a lightened version with which to enjoy the same options as in the traditional version, but with less data and resource consumption.

Another possible alternative is not to install any of the Facebook apps and access the service from your mobile browser, just as you do on your computer, and create a shortcut on the home screen so that, when you click on it, open the browser with the Facebook page.


Snapchat ranks second among The apps that take up the most memory on your smartphone.

This app not only penalizes the storage space on your smartphone, but it also does so with intensive use of the battery, ranking among the five apps that consume the most battery .

In addition, the messaging app makes a triplet managing to be among the three apps that consume the most data , something that does not play very well for those users with a very limited data rate.

This probably does not affect your smartphone to work more or less smoothly, but it does seriously affect the time of use that your smartphone provides you if you do not have a plug nearby, the availability of space on your smartphone or your data rate vanishes during the first days of the month.

As a tip we can recommend you to activate the Travel mode in your settings and deactivate the location tracking. In this way, you will be able to reduce the impact that this app has on the performance of your mobile .


Instagram is, without a doubt, the social network that has been hitting the hardest in recent months with more than 800 million registered users, but unfortunately, its app is not very well optimized and suffers from some problems managing the space it occupies in the mobile storage. Interestingly, it is the same problem that afflicts the official Facebook app, its proprietary company.

Apparently, the Instagram app stores a large number of temporary files and cache that it later “forgets” to delete, causing the space occupied on the device to skyrocket.

In addition, the Instagram app has permissions to start next to the device, so it is constantly consuming resources in the background even if you are not using it.

As with Facebook, Instagram is at the top of the apps that consume the most data , so you should not use it happily unless your smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network or you have a generous data rate . For this reason we believe that it is one of the 12 applications that hinder the performance of your mobile and, therefore, you should uninstall it from your smartphone.


The streaming music app doesn’t do very well either in this ranking of the applications that weigh down the performance of your mobile. As it is a streaming music platform, it needs to store a large amount of data in the cache, which affects your smartphone’s storage capacity and the fluidity to run any other app while Spotify is running.

On the other hand, the very nature of  Spotify’s streaming music app makes it one of the apps that consumes the most data . The need to be permanently connected also has a negative impact on the energy consumption of the terminal, making your mobile battery last less , although it is true that it does so to a lesser extent than Facebook or other apps that we have mentioned above.


Tinder has become one of the most used dating apps in our country, which is why it is installed on millions of mobile devices, although many users have chosen to camouflage Tinder on their mobile to keep their privacy away from prying eyes.

The Tinder mobile app needs to run location and GPS location services for its users, as well as support a notification service in the background, which can have a significant impact both on the performance of modest terminals, but above all on the battery duration.

Pokémon GO

Do you still use Pokemon GO? If so, go to the next point, but if not, the time has come for you to delete it . One of the most engaging games in recent years also has one of the most consumed apps.

We have nothing against games, it happens like with Tinder, if you are not using it, delete it so that it does not have access to your device or receive continuous updates and notifications.

The more multimedia an application is, the more it consumes and therefore slows down mobile phones. Video, audio, location, the application itself… Think about it.

Amazon Shopping

The e-commerce giant Amazon, which has changed the buying habits of millions of people, has also received numerous criticisms for the operation of its mobile shopping app .

To offer its Amazon offers and discounts alert system , this app must remain permanently connected to Amazon servers even when you are not using it directly, so your data and battery consumption skyrockets.

In addition to that, the app is not particularly well optimized, which makes it show slow performance when switching between categories. For this reason we include it in this list of the 10 applications that hinder the performance of your mobile.

The alternative, as we have already recommended in the case of the Facebook app, is to create a shortcut on the home screen from the web version of the browser so that, when you touch it, the browser starts showing the page directly from Amazon.


The Netflix application , the streaming company with the most subscribers in the world, is already installed on most mobiles . However, as with Spotify, it requires a lot of space to work perfectly and slows down mobile phones excessively .

We are not going to tell you not to watch series on your mobile, in any case we are going to recommend that you only have it installed if you use it regularly . If you have it on your phone to watch only one chapter per month, you should install and uninstall it every time you use it.

Anything that requires video, from Netflix to HBO to the YouTube app, needs space and power on phones.

Google Maps

Google apps are not exempt from burning since it has several apps that remain started in the background from the moment you turn on the phone. The most prominent of these is Google Maps.

The fact that the Maps application starts next to the system is not the most significant in terms of performance since, even if you do not start it, the service remains loaded in RAM so that other apps can use its location system and positioning.

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