5 things you should do in case of a traffic accident

Statistics show that the movement of any motor vehicle is a risky activity, both for other drivers and passers-by. Certainly, many traffic accidents can be prevented by driving diligently and cautiously. But when something gets out of hand, it is important to know what to do in the event of a traffic accident.

According to recent data from the General Directorate of Traffic, biosecurity measures against Covid-19 reduced car journeys by up to 25%. However, that was not enough for at least 870 people to lose their lives in a traffic accident.

Although most traffic accidents can be avoided , the facts confirm that as the vehicle fleet continues to grow, accident rates will increase.

What to do after a traffic accident?

There are different types of traffic accidents that cause from minor to serious injuries. But they all have a common denominator: traffic accidents, regardless of their cause, cause damage to goods or people , to the driver’s own integrity and to third parties.

According to the best traffic accident lawyers , when a driver experiences a car accident, it is best to follow a series of steps to ensure that those involved are safe and do not break the law. Below are some tips that we should not ignore when suffering a traffic accident.

●      stop

It seems obvious, but sometimes, some people tend to continue driving after a traffic accident. Specialist lawyers in this area advise that you should never leave the scene where the mishap occurred .

●      Protect the accident scene

If someone has been injured after the incident, it is necessary to call 112 to request emergency medical assistance . Then, it is important to protect the scene of the accident: turn on the flashing lights or warn other drivers with the V-16 hazard light.

●      Call the Police

Regardless, if the traffic accident left people injured, a good tip is to call the Police. The officers can write a police report that would later be of great help to us to formalize the claim before our insurer .

●      Document the accident

If after the accident, our mobile works correctly, it is important to take numerous photographs. It’s always a good idea to document visible damage, including injuries, and the scene of the crash, with photos from every possible angle.

      Report the traffic accident

In theory, reporting your car accident and starting the claims process should be easy. Legal specialists recommend people who have experienced a traffic accident to contact the best lawyers in the sector.

Where to find the best traffic accident lawyers?

It is inevitable to feel overwhelmed and a little confused after a car accident. In these cases, you can receive a fine for reckless driving , but if you have suffered an accident or run over with injuries due to reckless driving by a driver, the support of the best lawyers is essential to claim compensation . It is important to try to remain calm at all times and put yourself in the hands of professionals such as RDI Abogados. They will help you and take care of the whole process.

This law firm, located in Barcelona, ​​has become a reference in traffic law and road safety. The team of professionals that make up RDI Abogados provides quality legal advice after any type of road accident, which includes legal services and compensation claims .

These lawyers not only count numerous recommendations and reviews on the web. In addition, the experience, professionalism and extensive knowledge of current regulations has led them to obtain the compensation that their clients need.

It should be emphasized that the RDI Lawyers office only charges when they win the cases , so its objective is to guarantee maximum compensation to its clients. On the other hand, thinking about the pocket of the victims of traffic accidents, these lawyers have completely free consultations and visits.

Without a doubt, suffering a traffic accident can become a difficult experience to manage, especially if it leaves serious injuries and injuries. But if you have the legal advice of the best specialist traffic accident lawyers, it is possible to obtain the maximum compensation.

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