Elden Ring’s New Secret Door Could Mean Even More Secrets Awaiting

A player has discovered a secret passageway in Brazil, which is missing much of the text from the item descriptions and thus loses a lot of information. Ring of Elden that was hidden through extraordinary means, leading players to wonder how many more well-kept secrets await in the massive game. Like its predecessors in FromSoftware’s Soulsborne genre, Ring of Elden is marked by its mysterious nature, inviting players to discover secrets for themselves as they go. Most of the game’s story is hidden in the item descriptions, which means players have to search for it on their own. This makes it even more difficult for Ring of Elden players.

Other than mishandled locations like that, however, Ring of Elden has been a huge success since its release. Its immense sales success has led to many fans playing the game and discussing it online, which in turn has spawned a large amount of fan art. It’s also sparked some remarkable discoveries from the game’s most devoted players, who have gone so far as to dive into Ring of Elden ‘s Code to uncover secrets the developer never intended them to see. These discoveries include the appearance of Ring of EldenNPCs that are masked throughout the game; as data-miners have discovered, these characters have fully modeled faces that are hidden beneath these covers.

Other surprising secrets, it seems, are hiding in plain sight. Reddit user Teristam found a previously undiscovered hidden wall in the Volcano Manor dungeon and shared a video of it online. Hidden walls are a staple in the Soulsborne games; they look normal.key difference from the only Teristam found is that it needed to be hit roughly 50 times before it would open; a single hit would register as a normal hit on a normal wall, and would likely leave the player unaware of their true identity.

A peculiar property of the hidden wall is that it does not lead to any new place, nor is it a shortcut. The room it leads to contains NPCs who are members of the Volcano Manor blasphemous cult, and can be freely accessed as soon as possible. Ring of Elden players join Volcano Manor themselves. The other side of the chamber is very close to the dungeon entrance, which itself is across the hall from these NPCs, so very little time would be saved by using the passage instead of just navigating the dungeon. as intended.

Still, the reveal that there is at least one hidden wall in the game that doesn’t behave like its counterparts is surprising. Ring of Elden players now need to consider that if this secret door remained hidden for so long, there’s no telling how many others have yet to be found. Perhaps there are even more subtle hidden gates in the world of Elden’s Ring that contain as-yet-undiscovered treasures or hidden bosses, waiting to be conquered by a worthy tarnish.

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