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Healthy mattresses? The key to a break with many health benefits

We tell you what are the benefits of sleeping well and the tips to choose the perfect mattress for us.

We care about maintaining a healthy and balanced life, in which our body and mind are in harmony . We eat well and play sports, we like to be flirty, follow trends and be up to date with everything. But what about rest? Ahem. Do we give it the attention it deserves? Not always and, girls, sleeping well is essential.

Sleep deprivation makes it difficult to learn and carry out tasks, without forgetting how it affects us physically, our eyes, our skin, hair, weight… And our attitude towards life, in short.

That is why on this occasion we want to talk to you about a necessary and fundamental purchase to feel much better and that everything flows thanks to an optimal rest: that of a new mattress . And we have informed ourselves with true experts in the field so as not to make the mistake of making a purchase that does not deliver what it promises.

Let’s go point by point that the topic has crumb and could not be more interesting. Word.


We must look for a mattress that takes care of our back , that adapts to our body and has the perfect texture and consistency to provide adequate rest, so that we can sleep all night without staying awake.

To do this, the most important thing is to turn to a sleep specialist to help us select the product that best suits our needs. And it is not a trivial matter and in the long run sleeping poorly can lead to serious problems.

Among the benefits of a proper rest, a better functioning of the memory stands out , in addition to being more active and feeling with that irrepressible desire to ‘eat’ the routine.

Having quality rest has a direct impact on our health, on our beauty, on how we face our days and on our attitude when it comes to solving, for example, a problem. And hence the importance of your choice.

It is important to note that different factors intervene during rest that directly influence the quality of our sleep: the main one is the mattress, then there are other external elements such as temperature or the level of light and sound, and lastly, the hours and the time we have to sleep .


Choosing a mattress is not an easy task and that is why it is so important to be advised by true experts in the field. Viscoelastic, latex, spring and foam mattresses… Folding sofas, fixed sofas, bed bases, upholstered bases, headboards, pillows and bedding. It is a whole world, but only with the union of all these elements can we achieve the physical and mental benefits of proper rest.

And beyond, and it is that in bed we not only sleep but we watch a movie, read and even work. The correct choice of a mattress is key and fundamental, and hence the importance of these healthy mattresses , which are the key to a beneficial rest and come, practically, to solve our lives.


We are not only talking about mental health, our body will also notice the benefits of a good rest. During the hours of sleep, processes occur in our body that favor the proper functioning of various systems, such as the immune system. Beyond the obvious physical benefits that go hand in hand with sleeping properly.

Among its benefits we highlight:

  • Adequate rest also favors weight control and protects the heart, since in situations of insomnia, stress-related hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) increase in the blood, which increase blood pressure and heart rate.
  • When we sleep, our body relaxes and produces hormones that make us feel happier.
  • When our body relaxes and the activity of the organism decreases, the circulatory system works less because the arterial pressure has decreased and less effort is needed to pump the blood .

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