Here is the impact of hobbies on the development of your child

Start of many extra-curricular activities. Ballet, football training, guides or scouts: these hobbies each have an impact on the development of your child. But what order? You will read it here.

The impact of certain hobbies on your child should not be underestimated. Above all, it is important that your child really enjoys his hobby. It’s true that an extra-curricular activity can be strenuous and challenging, even a bit competitive, but it can’t mentally exhaust your child. One has more sense of rhythm than the other, while another will be much happier playing sports or playing in a team. It all obviously starts with your son or daughter’s interests, so try to recognize them as best you can when choosing a new hobby.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Just because your child is interested in the piano doesn’t mean he’ll be able to give a concert like a virtuoso after just one or two lessons. The predisposition is different from the interest, and this second aspect is precisely the strongest. Just because your child is good at math doesn’t mean they find it great too. And it is precisely the branches that your child likes, but for which he has no particular predisposition, that will lead him to work more. Patience is a great virtue, and motivation often leads to success: this is the lesson your child will learn when they choose a hobby out of interest rather than predisposition.

Make it a good loser

If you never practiced a hobby as a child where you sometimes faced defeat, chances are you have a reputation for being a sore loser. Teaching a child to deal with disappointment is indeed a lesson from which he will reap the benefits later. Being able to withstand criticism is crucial in today’s job market, and strengthens your ability to work in a team.

intellectual creativity

You should not give free education to your child to enhance the intellectual creativity of your son and daughter. Consider hobbies such as drawing, acting, modeling, poetry or music, where your child can explore their own creative limits. The more imagination your child has, the easier it will be. But there is nothing more empowering than giving a 7 year old complete freedom on a blank canvas/page.

Healthy self-confidence

Here is an element that you yourself have in hand as a parent. Rewarding your child and giving him a positive confirmation when he scores a goal, receives a major role or can dance in the front row, will give your child a pleasant and ultra-warm feeling. Don’t overdo it, but a bit of healthy self-confidence will also translate to better academic performance and better social contacts.

Teamwork is great

If your son or daughter is still having difficulty finding their place in a group dynamic, trying a team sport is not a bad idea. One rule: it’s okay for your child to be the introvert of the group. That he or she prefers to remain in the shadows is not a disadvantage, but can precisely rebalance the group. Loyalty will be the main quality that your child will take away from it.

Promote intelligence

Yes, there are hobbies that can – it’s the truth – make your child smarter. Playing a musical instrument, and specifically the piano , increases a child’s IQ. He doesn’t have to take expensive lessons, but spending time making music together at home has an equally important and beneficial effect.

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