How has technology changed the way hotels operate?

The arrival of technology has been a real revolution for many aspects of our daily lives. But did you know that it has also changed companies? That’s right, businesses like hotels have been revolutionized by technology.

There are many ways in which technology has changed the way many companies operate. Here we will tell you about the 6 ways in which technology has changed hotels and how this translates into a better service and experience for their guests.

Change 1: Check In

The first way in which technology has changed hotels is in the way of Check In. Many hotels already have the option of checking in from your mobile or via the app.

We can also find hotels that perform Check In in specialized panels or even with biometric data, which makes the process easier. Now you no longer have to fill out and sign documents by hand.

Change 2: Reservation Management

Another way that technology has changed hotels is in reservation management. Now there are online programs to manage reservations which allow you to control the registration of guests. Thus, it is no longer necessary to keep track of reservations in a paper book.

By having this option of being able to control reservations accurately and with much greater efficiency, hotels are able to operate in a better way. You can accurately manage how many active guests you have, how many reservations are confirmed, and how many rooms remain available.

Change 3: Internet presence

The arrival of the internet was a great advance for hotels as this translated into new sales channels. The growth in the number of internet users supported this expansion towards the web. Now more and more people are searching for hotels and travel destinations using the internet for it.

Now it is possible to find an accommodation using Google for it and once we find it, it is possible to register a reservation in a matter of minutes. If this is combined with the right reservation management software, the hotel can better exploit its capacity and more accurately manage its guests.

Change 4: Security

Cyber ​​security is not far behind because the arrival of new technology has led to the appearance of new ways to protect your guests. For example, mounting security cameras and sensors with the ability to be controlled over the internet is a great example of technology.

We also come across the inclusion of new security systems such as security tools to protect Wi-Fi and those who connect to it. All this is a great example of how technology can improve the security of the hotel and those who stay in it.

Change 5: Contents

Technology and the internet have allowed the emergence of new entertainment content. Unfortunately, not all content is available in all countries.

With a VPN this can be released by bypassing the restrictions. Another advantage is that the VPN allows you to protect those who browse it. Also, if you prefer a dedicated IP, use a special VPN which gives you the ability to change your IP. By changing the IP address and location you get more security and protection. This is also very useful to be able to access content that is not available in your country.

Change 6: Hosting Experience

Finally, you should know that the hosting experience has changed significantly. Now, you can hacker check in with your fingerprint or with a card, you don’t need a key anymore. Check in is faster, without so much paperwork or having to sign registration books.

Another great advantage is that the arrival of the internet now allows reservations to be made and managed much more efficiently, from a single device or computer. If we add to this the fact that providing Wi-Fi is almost mandatory and access to content has grown, the hotel experience has undoubtedly been improved by technology.

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