How to build your own gaming PC?

All gamers dream of being able to have their own PC, that is, a machine that allows them to play just to their needs, but in most cases they refrain, since they think that this may be impossible.

But on the contrary, it is possible to build a personalized gaming PC in a simple way and thus enjoy your favorite games, whether classic games such as online blackjack or games with better graphics such as shooters or sports games, always at the speed you want and with your favorite accessories. The best thing is that it can be updated or modified whenever you want, it is convenient to know what this process consists of.

What is needed?

It is vital to have a work space, a table, for example, a #2 Phillips screwdriver and also a cabinet. Also components such as central processing unit (CPU), motherboard, memory (RAM), graphics processing unit (GPU), storage, power supply unit (PSU), system cooling, monitor, gaming peripherals, and operating system.

Steps to build a gaming PC

The necessary steps as to how to assemble a gaming PC are:

  1. Install the CPU:to do this you have to open the socket tray, open the CPU and gently put the CPU in the socket, being very careful in handling. Then if desired, an M.2 SSD can be installed .
  2. Install CPU Cooler: Itis important to check the cooler manual, some need a mounting bracket or the motherboard may come with one pre-installed, the cooler may or may not need it. Also, apply thermal paste if the refrigerator does not have it.
  3. Install memory (RAM):if you want to use all the slots, put the RAM in its place, otherwise consult the manual to know the proper way. Later, if you want, you can perform a test run outside the cabinet to check that all components work. A good capacity of RAM memory is essential in high demand games like Call of Duty or any other shooter with high graphics.
  4. Mount the power supply:Analyze where it is convenient to locate the PS in the cabinet and fasten it with the included screws.
  5. Install the motherboard:if it includes an unsecured I/O shield, it must be put in place in the rear area of ​​the case, once the I/O shield is attached install the motherboard, the number of screws depends on the motherboard . After connecting the power supply to the motherboard, it is a key step in how to make your own gaming pc.
  6. Install the CPU:Locate the PCIe* x16 slot on the motherboard, align the CPU with the rear retention bracket, and push it into the PCIe* x16 slot.
  7. Install the storage:look for the bays, these usually have a plastic switch or lever, which must be opened to remove the tray and place the drive in it, then slide the tray into the bay. Others have a metal bracket with straps or holes, in this case slide the unit between the metal bracket and the side of the cabinet and screw down. Then connect the drives to the motherboard and the power supply. Finally, install the operating system according to personal preferences.

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