How to eat healthier and with more flavor

The secret is to choose your food well and store it correctly at home. You are one step away from eating licking your fingers (just keep reading).

Getting stuck in eating melon in the middle of winter can only lead to disappointment (and unnecessary expense). It’s true, food has less and less flavor , but… sometimes our way of buying doesn’t help either. Since we are not satisfied with eating bland, we have found the formula to find the most flavorful foods on the market. They are seasonal, organic farming and kilometer zero. And, in addition to buying them right, you also have to take into account how you store them.


They are foods that have been collected at the right moment of maturation. By respecting their natural growth, they keep all their flavour, texture and colour, as well as their nutritional properties intact. In addition, when eating seasonally, the diversity of the crops and the rest of the land are respected. In general, they are usually cheaper products, since they have not had to undergo industrial processes to force their growth.


The Quality Low Input Food study – a project financed by the EU and developed from 2004 to 2009, which included the participation of more than 30 research centers, experts, universities, farmers and food companies at an international level – indicates that organic food they are of higher quality and more food safe, with less chance of chemical or bacterial contamination. The study also shows that these foods have higher levels of nutrients. These are usually somewhat more expensive, but you can get them cheaper if you join purchasing cooperatives, for example.

Organic foods are of higher quality and have more nutrients


It also makes little sense that your food – even if you buy it organic – is produced miles away. Products from distant sources usually contain preservatives for their good maintenance and some include pesticides not authorized by the EU. In addition, as in the case of seasonal foods, local products are usually harvested at their best ripening moment, since they will reach consumers in a short time.

Proximity products are usually harvested at their best ripening moment

For this reason, being fresher, we can enjoy a more intense flavor and aroma. As the period between collection and sale is short, conservation or freezing systems are not necessary and they better maintain their nutritional properties.


Without realizing it, we can also alter the taste of food, for example, by storing it in the fridge. Most fruits do not tolerate this method of preservation poorly. Also cheeses or certain hams, such as Iberian. Or the chocolate.

In winter it is easier to keep them out of the fridge, in a cool place, away from heating. But not so much in summer, when it may even be advisable to put the potatoes in the fridge so they don’t spoil. In this case, it is advisable to take the food out of the fridge for a while before eating it, so that it returns to a normal temperature and, with it, all its flavor and aroma.

But since we don’t eat all foods raw, we tell you how to gain flavor also according to the cooking technique you choose.

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