Main advantages of buying parts in a scrapyard

At any time the need to buy spare parts for the car may arise. Although the initial temptation is in the direction of acquiring new parts, many times it will be more profitable to do so through Authorized Vehicle Treatment Centers, also known as scrap yards.

Thanks to a scrapping parts search engine , anyone can search for the part they need, of the specific car model in question, of a particular brand and in all the main scrapyards not only in their locality, but throughout the country, in order to to be able to find an offer that, due to quality, trust of the supplier and final price, ends up convincing you.

However, the ease that the internet now offers to find scrap catalogs and make a purchase decision at the click of a button -when before it would have been necessary to visit each scrap yard-, is just one of the many advantages offered by buying a piece replacement in an online scrap yard, rather than a new one.

quality is not lost

Mistakenly, when thinking of a scrap piece, it can be believed that they are pieces that have been rescued from the garbage to sell them again. And it is not like that.

The Authorized Vehicle Treatment Centers are companies authorized by transit entities to recycle those cars that, due to their age or impossibility of being repaired by their owners, are definitively written off.

In those cars, of course, many parts work properly. The staff of a scrap yard classify them, recondition them if necessary, test them and put them on sale at a much lower price than if they were new. The quality is sometimes similar, and that represents an important advantage.

No guarantees or support are lost

Thanks to online scrapping platforms, when buying parts, the support and security that each platform promotes is not lost. Thus, in case something is wrong, a return is made.

Another thing to keep in mind with respect to this is that the parts that are bought in the scrapyards also have a guarantee. It is not a minor detail, since it is what differentiates scrap parts from parts bought in a second-hand market from an individual, where guarantees do not exist and where the risks of something not working well are greater, coming out very expensive “what is cheap”.

Money is saved

We cannot stop talking about the main advantage when making the decision to buy car parts in a scrapyard: the economy.

Taking into account that their operation and quality is similar to that of a new part, that availability is greater and that they have guarantees that can last up to 12 months, a replacement part can be between 20% and 60% cheaper. than the same new part, something that becomes quite important for people who need to repair the car in an emergency, for something that has suddenly stopped working, as well as for people who have a fleet of cars and cannot afford higher expenses in always new products.

There is a false belief that buying scrap parts means throwing money away. On the contrary, it is one of the wisest decisions for those who want to improve the performance and safety of their car, but also recognize the value of each euro spent. Thus, thanks to the varied offer, to the prices that can differ from one scrapyard to another, from one city to another, finding the part and the supplier that best suits the binomial of need and budget, is today much simpler. Internet also allows the purchase to be made from the comfort of home, that shipments can be made in less than 24 hours and that the security of the transaction is assured.

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