Marvel’s Avengers Update Will Bring Back Nick Fury And Add New Missions

Marvel’s Avengers has been a work in progress since its release in 2020, but Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have worked tirelessly to keep the game interesting for players. With regular fixes, improvements, and new content, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes look better than ever as they continue to take on major threats around the world.

While the game’s development has focused on general improvements to the game, it has also kept players engaged with new playable characters, new regions to explore, and new costumes. Players can select a new look for all of their heroes from the growing list of available outfits. Many of the newer additions to the wardrobe are iconic costumes from classic comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as the Iron Spider suit from Infinity War .

SHIELD leader Nick Fury is set to return to the world of Marvel’s Avengers after being mysteriously absent during the events of the story thus far. Square Enix has revealed details about its next update for the game as it continues to optimize the game for players old and new. Patch 2.3 will bring changes to the war table, some brand new missions to tackle, and some new onboarding work that sees Nick Fury once again at the helm of the Helicarrier as he guides new players through the Avengers story. The biggest question most players will ask themselves is where has Nick Fury been all this time, and hopefully there is a satisfying answer within this update.

Most of the changes coming to Marvel’s Avengers concern the War Table and power levels. Instead of changing visible missions every 15 minutes, now all drop zones and threat sectors will always be visible. Each region will now have a suggested minimum power level and maximum power level to guide players through the regions as they improve. It is no longer necessary to collect villain sectors from a faction quest giver and vaults no longer require players to obtain coordinates to unlock them. Along with all of these improvements is new content in the form of six new missions being added to the war table.

A while back, Square Enix touched on some of the changes coming with patch 2.3 and teased a roadmap for 2022 that it wasn’t ready to reveal yet, but maybe players can see exactly what’s in store for them. the Avengers. early. With so much room for Marvel’s Avengers to grow, there’s no telling how many new playable characters may be introduced or which direction the story might go, but longtime fans are hopeful the game will continue to receive the same attention and support. of its developers.

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