Some tips to save on fuel for your car

From driving tips to the moment of loading the deposit; Let’s see some keys to save on fuel

Tips to save fuel

Fuel for the car is one of the expenses that keeps more than one family awake. This, without mentioning the global energy consumption that the use of the car means, and the pollution produced by vehicles that run on petroleum-derived fuels. But, if there is no other choice but to use the car.

Going for a ride in the car is a delight and an effective way to renew the landscape before our eyes, without having to make long journeys. During the week, too, riding in the car is what allows us to get to work faster and carry more bags at the store, filling the trunk to fill our cupboards. There are thousands of uses that we give to the car. Therefore, it is imperative that we learn some techniques to save on fuel consumption

Some of these tricks will seem strange to you, but we advise you to try and see how much you save in a month.

Save fuel with a car in good condition

Having the vehicle in optimal condition will prevent unnecessary burning or use of extra fuel . Not only due to losses, but due to the forced operation of the sick engine. Always keep your car in perfect condition and with a clean engine, to check its fuel consumption. Also, make sure you always have your tires inflated to their optimal level, usually 28 to 31 pounds, depending on the size and weight of the car (look in the owner’s manual). Tires that are too soft (underinflated) strain the engine, while those that are too firm make the car somewhat unstable and hard to manoeuvre.

Comply with the speed restrictions, but avoid driving too slowly, keep the revolutions between 2500 and 3000 RPM. This makes for a much more efficient consumption of gasoline.  Always accelerate and decelerate gradually, as much as possible, because doing so abruptly changes the level of consumption.

Save fuel with efficient driving

The first of all, and the most important, is to drive efficiently. How is this achieved? It is nothing impossible. First of all, don’t step on the accelerator when starting the car. The new cars have electronic ignition, so you don’t have to throttle to get fuel to the carb when you start.

If you are going to stop somewhere, even for a short time, turn off the engine , since leaving it running implies unnecessary fuel consumption.

The use of air conditioning also consumes more. Do not turn it on unless necessary, and never go below 23º C.

Going with the windows down also increases consumption , since the car offers more resistance to the air.

Do not load the car excessively, this also increases resistance.

Constant running saves fuel. Avoid, as far as possible, braking and accelerating continuously. If you must slow down, simply take your foot off the accelerator and let the car coast to a stop on its own.

High gears use less fuel than low gears. On the road, remember to use the highest gear and do not exceed 100 km/h: above that speed the car consumes much more fuel. Ideally, keep the engine at less than 3000 revolutions.

Save when fueling

These tricks will make the fuel go much further when it comes to filling the tank.

  • If you fill the tank first thing in the morning, you will find that the fuel is less dense. This means that you will need fewer liters to fill the tank.
  • If you are at a self-service gas station, pour the fuel slowly: less gases are generated, and you load more real fuel for the same money. When you stop pressing the hose trigger, wait for all the fuel that is still accumulated in it to fall, since what has come out of the pump, you still pay for it.
  • Avoid evaporation by closing the tank lid well.
  • If you fill up before the tank is less than half full, you will also save fuel . This is because, as there is more liquid, there is less evaporation (in addition, the performance of the car is lower the lower the tank load is).
  • Performance is also affected by using fuel with an octane rating lower than that recommended for each vehicle. Even if it is a bit more expensive, use the best possible fuel, as it will result in better engine care.

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