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The 5 Best applications to practice your memory

We show you the five best applications to exercise memory and attention in an easy and entertaining way with your mobile anywhere and at any time.

It’s normal: over the years we all lose a bit of memory. But why does this happen? Let’s think of the brain as another muscle… if we don’t exercise it, it atrophies. When we are students we have better exercised memory , as well as when we carry out certain jobs that require enormous memory and concentration.

But it is very important that we practice certain exercises on a daily basis and from a very early age if we want to keep our brain always at its best, in the best conditions. And you can do it in a super entertaining and versatile way with mobile applications : this way, you can exercise your mind while having a fun time on the subway, at home lying on the sofa, in your spare time at work, in the Beach…

Let’s see the top 5 apps to practice your memory .


We start with Skillz, one of the most entertaining and fun of our compilation. It is an application that includes different types of games that help you improve memory , train your sense of reflex, increase precision, increase speed, learn color coordination… Come on, it’s super complete.

“Find the same cards”, “Identify the wheel that is spinning faster” or “Which line is longer” are some of the dozens of games that you can find in the app. In addition, many of them are multiplayer , so you can train your memory and other skills while playing with a friend.

After completing the level, your results will go from 1 to 5 stars : for each star you will be given one of their points, called Brains. And you can use them to:

  1. Repeat from the present round
  2. Automatically pass this round
  3. Pass the level with 5 stars

It is available for iOS and Android .

Clock work

We continue with what is considered one of the 500 best applications in the world , according to The Sunday Times. Once again, it is an application with very entertaining games, specifically 17 different games that will help you exercise your memory, attention, dexterity, linguistic skills, and reasoning.

The only drawback that we put to this app is that the interface is in English (although it is quite basic, so it is not complicated). Of course, the puns are in Spanish.

One of its main features and strengths is that it has a program called Daily Boost, which is completely personalized and adapted on a daily basis , improving your cognitive abilities. In addition, you can check the weekly and monthly graphs with detailed statistics about your performance.

It is completely free and you can download it for Android and iOS .


We now come to a freemium-type application , that is, you have a completely free part (as well as its download) but a certain part of its options, the most complete and personalized, are paid for. Although it doesn’t surprise us either, because what they offer in this application to exercise your memory is the most complete and interesting. Addictive!

According to the app’s own figures, around 90 million people around the world use its comprehensive brain training program. A program that is conceived and designed to exercise critical thinking, memory and problem solving to the maximum.

And it is that it has more than 40 games and activities of memory, attention, speed, flexibility and resolution of problems . The games are fast and simple, but require immense focus to master.

The app has been created by a team of scientists and designers, along with 40 university researchers around the world, who are exploring new ways to challenge the brain and advance cognitive research. Working with experienced designers, they transformed these tasks into fun games that challenge basic cognitive skills.

The application is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese and Korean. And its price is this:

Monthly: $11.99 per month (about 10 euros)

Annual: 60 dollars a year (about 55 euros)


Smart offers puzzle and jigsaw games (specifically 28 different ones) with more than 600 levels to improve memory, attention and brain flexibility, concentration and reaction speed.

For each level that you overcome, you will receive points that you will accumulate. Each level lasts approximately 1 minute, is dynamic, entertaining and can also be played without an Internet connection.

It goes by levels of difficulty, it is completely free and suitable for all ages. It is available on Android .


We close our list with Neuronation, an application that, thanks to scientific brain training, will help you with poor memory, concentration problems or slow thinking. You will only have to spend 15 minutes a day with the different games and workouts that can be completely customizable if we opt for the premium option.

And it is that this application is really interesting and complete when we make it paid: with an exhaustive analysis of your strengths and abilities, to then create a personal training plan with 17 exercises in 250 levels.

It has a price of:

3 Months for 41.99 EUR* (11.99 EUR*/month)

12 Months for 83.99 EUR* (6.99 EUR*/month)

It is available for Android and iOS .

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