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The 7 Darkest Places in the World | They will give you chills!

In some situations, we find particular places, some can even become the most extraordinary places in the world . But today we want to tell you the stories of some of the darkest places in the world . At Top10World we believe that these 7 places are the most chilling the world has ever known. If you want to know where are such sites that touch the limits of the strange and paranormal , we invite you to continue reading. You are ready?

If you are a fan of dark and sinister places, today we will take a tour of some simply chilling places in the world; We have prepared a special list so that at least a shiver runs down your back. Let’s go there!

1. Stanley Hotel, United States

Credit : Stanley Hotel – United States

At the top of our list of the darkest places in the world, we have a hotel -as expected- opened in 1909, the Stanley Hotel was one of those that revolutionized the tourist industry by giving comfort to its guests, but it is also a hotel for many, damned. Yes. This place inspired one of Stephen King’s most disturbing novels , “The Shining” .

According to several witnesses, since its inception the hotel has been an extremely chilling place, since shortly after it was opened, the housekeeper suffered a serious accident in room 217; her spirit is said to haunt those who host the compound. In this creepy place it is common to see furniture being moved from one place to another, lights turning on and off without further ado , and hearing laughter or crying depending on the corridor you are in.

That huge mansion installed in the solitude of the mountains and that was only open a few months a year, really exists in a lost corner of Colorado . Would you dare to spend the night in one of its rooms?

2. Suicide Forest, Japan

 Credit : CNN

Right on Mount Fuji, Aokigahara is the suicide forest in Japan , one of the most terrifying and chilling places in the world. With more than 3,000 hectares of extension, this forest has gained worldwide fame for being a sinister place where almost 7,000 people have taken their lives … Sometimes the bodies still hang from the ropes of the trees, and it is common to find dozens of police cordons vetoing access to the areas.

Suicide is apparently something ingrained in Japanese culture, and this place is almost always chosen by those who can no longer find a solution to their existence . In fact, in its entrance, the following message can be read: « Your life is valuable and has been granted to you by your parents. Please think of them, your brothers and children. Seek help and do not dare this place alone.”

3. Agramonte Sanatorium, Spain

If you are wondering what to see in Zaragoza , many beautiful and peaceful places to visit probably go through your mind, however, not everything is beautiful and in this city, with more than 2000 years of history, you will find one of the darkest places in the world. world , the sanatorium of Agramonte.

In 1934 the city council of Tarazona ordered the construction of the Mountain City of Agramonte, in which some school colonies, a hotel and the sanatorium would be located. It had as a project to be a great place, but during the Civil War it was robbed and all its staff cruelly murdered . It spent several years in complete abandonment, until Franco converted it into a hospital for tuberculosis patients.

But the reality was that many of those who were hospitalized there died in the midst of terrible suffering due to precariousness and poor conditions; in fact, an improvised cemetery had to be built on the premises to cover the large number of deceased. This place is now in ruins , many believe that the spirits there suffer from the miserable life they had to spend… Would you dare to go?

4. Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

This small town is very close to Prague, but what makes it one of the scariest places in the world is actually the Sedlec Ossuary. Previously this place had been a large cemetery product of the Black Death . In 1870, the Schwarzenberg family hired a wood carver to unearth the tombs and erect a chapel with its respective ossuary on the site.

The peculiarity of this chapel is that its walls are not exactly made of stone or concrete, nor are its walls decorated with religious paintings at all… The church is maintained thanks to the bones of more than 40,000 people! Such was the imagination of the master carver that the result is macabre. Just look at the large chandelier that hangs in the center of the ship shaped like a lot of bones.

5. Manchac Swamp, United States

Continuing with our list of the scariest places in the world, it’s time to talk about witches. Surely you know something about the history of witches , their origin and evolution; but today we bring you a really gloomy one, the Queen of Voodoo . Unhealthy and thick water from which ashen trees with long beards ascend, a nauseating smell suspended in the atmosphere and some villages abandoned by a witch’s curse : “nothing is left standing on this earth” . Truth or legend?

New Orleans is one of the places par excellence related to Voodoo, in this place Marie Laveau lived and died. Some say that she was dark, with coal-black hair and an extremely penetrating gaze. She had a somewhat unhappy life after the death of her husband, and they say that she began to practice Voodoo and managed to influence and attract many women from high society. This woman lived for a long time in the swamp, where she is believed to have died .

This place is dark, those who dare to cross it assure that they sense spirits, hear screams, and sinister shadows camouflage themselves with the gases that emanate from its waters. Popular belief says that this is related to the souls in pain that Voodoo has left behind .

6. Chernobyl, Ukraine

Unsurprisingly, Chernobyl is one of the most famous abandoned cities . We all remember the terrible nuclear accident that occurred in 1986, which left thousands of dead and a historical legacy that is still manifested through unfortunate diseases that are inherited from generation to generation… Everything is in Chernobyl, one of the darkest places in the world.

Today this area is a clear example of terror suspended in silence , abandoned parks where you can only hear the rusty swings screeching, abandoned schools with stagnant blackboards in a lesson that never ended, and small rusty orange streams where nothing strangely large fish.

7. The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

This place has always been the subject of spooky legends, but the true story hides something else… We all know that Mexico is a favorite destination for vacations, however of all the wonders that we can find there, we will find the history of the Island of the Dolls , the place that Tim Burton has visited more than once.

Located in the Xochimilco channel stands this island where Julián Santana Barrera lived, whose only hobby in his life was collecting dolls and hanging them from trees . Why? legend says that in the 1950s a girl drowned in one of the channels that crosses the island, and that from then on she was inhabited by her spirit. He decided to calm her down with dolls, so thousands of dismembered dolls, already dismembered by time, persist there to this day, hanging erratically from tree branches.

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