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The 8 best places to spend Halloween | Terrifying

The much-feared and celebrated Halloween is about to come, and many are dedicated to researching the origin of the party or the best places to spend Halloween. In fact, in the month of October great Halloween traditions are seen , such as decorating houses with skulls, adults and children dress up as monsters and ghosts and, in countries like the United States and Canada, the tradition of touching the skulls is celebrated. neighbors’ doors looking for candy.

The true story of Halloween takes us back millennia, to the faraway lands of Ireland. More than two thousand five hundred years ago, the locals celebrated the festival of Samhain or end of summer. It was the last day of the harvest season, in which the harvested food was honored and given thanks. But it was also the day when the borders between the world of the living and the dead were erased, and families were reunited in a plane where everything was possible. Years later, the Catholic Church demonized the festival, which today has spread like a feast for witches and ghosts throughout the world. If you are one of those who loves to celebrate Halloween, today in Top10World we present you the best places to spend Halloween.

The 8 best places to spend Halloween, don’t miss them!

1. Dracula’s Castle

Perfect for those who love the concept of Halloween, and among the best places to spend Halloween, the undisputed leader is the gloomy Castle of Count Dracula , in Transylvania. Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains and with an architecture that takes us back in time, this construction is the dream of every horror lover. His fame began thanks to the story of Vlad the Impaler, a terrifying character who impaled his enemies while sitting down to lunch. The fortress later became even more popular thanks to scenes depicted in the novel Dracula by Irish writer Bram Stoker.

2. The Catacombs of Paris, in France

The city of lights is not only full of romance, but also owns one of the best places to spend Halloween. If you want to connect with spirits from beyond, nothing better than doing it in this intricate network of tunnels that cover about 300 kilometers and are entirely covered by the skulls and bones of people. Its origin is just as macabre. The catacombs of Paris began to be used in the 18th century, when the corpses left by the devastating passage of the plague were buried there . Currently it is estimated that the remains of some six million people remain deposited throughout the network, of which only one kilometer is open for access to tourists.

3. The Salem Witch Museum, in the United States

Another of the best places to spend Halloween is the gloomy town of Salem, in the United States. This place is the epicenter of much of the legends and stories of witches that have become popular. It all started in the Middle Ages, when twenty Salem women were persecuted, accused and sentenced to death for alleged acts of witchcraft for which there was no evidence. A heinous hunt took place in the village, and the people lived in fear of being accused by their own neighbor. From then until now, the Salem witches are a hallmark of Halloween.

4. The Kawasaki Halloween Parade, in Japan

We continue this tour of the best places to spend Halloween, with an ideal place for horror lovers, sprinkled with a few small Anime brushstrokes. This is the Kawasaki Halloween Parade , the biggest and most amazing Halloween parade in Japan . Every year more than 4,000 people come perfectly dressed to make a journey of a kilometer and a half, from the JR Kawasaki Station to the La Citadella shopping center. The atmosphere seduces for the macabre, for the original and the challenging. It is an adventure for the senses, in which you will be amazed by the terrifying makeup that will satisfy your darkest delights.

5. The abandoned houses of Ohio, in the United States

Spending the night in an abandoned house is a really stimulating and disturbing plan, and doing it in the middle of Halloween can be the perfect ingredient for terror. A good idea in this sense may be to go to the so-called «Haunting Houses» in Ohio, wonderful properties from the last century abandoned by time and by their owners, who lie wrapped in that patina of silent terror that attracts us so much. The decay, the dust in suspension and the sudden creaks fill those rooms of oblivion where there is still some other object. You can take a camera tour of all these abandoned houses, but if you decide to spend the night inside, remember that no one takes responsibility for what happens.

6. Bhangarh Palace, India

One of the lesser-known relics among the best places to spend Halloween is the amazing Bhangarh Palace in India . If you like haunted places and horror stories wrapped in a bit of Eastern mysticism, then it’s worth spending a Halloween night at this palace in the Rajasthan region, between Jaipur and Alwar.

It is said that a magician expert in the dark arts lived in this region; in black magic. His name was Singhia and he cast a terrible curse on everyone who lived in this palace. They all died, but even more… his curse had a really horrible nuance: it prevented them from being able to reincarnate, it condemned their souls to be imprisoned forever within these walls. So now you know.

7. The “Walking Dead” Experience

Zombies are in fashion, we know. So if you are also a fan of the AMC series, and you want to experience the adventures of Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon in the first person, then do not hesitate to go to any of the theme parks that exist in many US capitals. .and Europe enabled for such an experience. But remember… you have to be very careful because the realism is very extreme. You can start the tour in the same hospital where Rick wakes up, you will go through the Governor’s house, the jail or the Terminus station. No one will tell you when the zombies will appear before you, but rest assured that they will want to devour you…

8. Changi Beach, Singapore

Another of the best places to spend Halloween is Changi Beach, in Singapore. Does it look like any beach to you? A beautiful and idyllic beach where to spend the night? Absolutely. It is not a quiet or beautiful place… On this beach, during World War II , the Japanese killed thousands of Chinese. It is said that at night, sudden blood stains appear on the shore  and that already at dawn you can hear the screams of all those soldiers at the moment of being shot … No, it is not just any beach.

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