The 8 most beautiful places to see in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is much more than Prague and there are a lot of beautiful places to visit. Cities full of colors with a lot of charm, landscapes that take your breath away, towns, concentration camps…

If you are thinking of doing a route through the country, here is a list of the 15 most beautiful places to see in the Czech Republic . I add several links with more articles that will help you complement your travel guide.

1. Prague , the most beautiful city to see in the Czech Republic

Prague is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and an essential stop on your trip to the Czech Republic. It is a city full of magic , very charming, quiet and with many things to see and do. In addition, it is a very romantic destination. Chosen by many to make a romantic weekend getaway, include the city in a route through Europe…

The most essential places to see in Prague are the Castle, its churches, its cobbled streets, the Charles Bridge, among many more.

2. The Terezin Concentration Camp

I would not consider this place one of the most beautiful places to see in the Czech Republic, but yes, one of the most important places. Traveling helps us many times to learn and improve. More than 150,000 Jews were imprisoned there before being sent to the Treblinka and Auschwitz extermination camps in Poland.

Although it was not an extermination camp, some 33,000 people died from malnutrition and disease. The conditions in the camp were very harsh and it is important to reflect and learn so that these atrocities never happen again.

2.1. How to go from Prague to Terezin concentration camp

Either by bus or with a rental car . Buses leave daily from Florenc station in Prague and the journey takes about an hour.

Although, I recommend you book a guided tour in Spanish. This option, apart from a guide in Spanish, includes transportation.

3. Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is one of the most touristic destinations to see in the Czech Republic and this is partly due to its famous hot springs . It is about 2 hours approx. From Prague, so it is a good option to make a day trip from the country’s capital or to include an overnight and make a longer stop.

And although its main tourist attraction is its hot springs, don’t be fooled, there is much more to see. The city is tiny and with a very special charm. With old buildings painted in pastel tones, small alleys and many places of interest to see.

3.1. How to get from Prague to Karlovy Vary

We toured the Czech Republic with a rental car . Thus we had the opportunity to stop where we wanted and without being aware of schedules. But if your intention is to do a day trip, renting a car is a bit more cumbersome and you have other options.

Karlovy Vary is about a 2-hour drive from Prague. If you want to go by bus there are the Flixbus . They have many routes and schedules. In addition, they are very cheap. There are routes for about 3 euros approx.

You can also take an organized excursion to Karlovy Vary with a guide in Spanish and transportation . It is one of the best options if you just want to get to know the city for one day and then return to Prague to your accommodation. In addition to transportation, you will have a guide in Spanish who will explain the history of the city, curiosities, etc…

4. Brno

There is very little tourism and it is a very quiet city. Despite having several places of interest to visit, you will not need more than 1 day to visit the most essential. Noted for the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul . In the city there is a mixture of very remarkable architectural styles. You will be able to appreciate the Gothic, the Baroque, the Art Nouveau, among others, in its buildings.

5. Spilberk Castle, one of the most curious castles to see in the Czech Republic

It is located on the hill of Brno. The Premyslid kings began its construction in the first half of the 13th century and it was completed by King Otakar II of Bohemia. At first glance you would not think that it is a castle, since it does not look anything like the typical castles that we find in Europe.

It has a mix of architectural styles due to its various renovations. You will be able to appreciate gothic and baroque architecture.

6. Cesky Krumlov, one of the most beautiful cities to see in the Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful cities to see in the Czech Republic. It is in the south of Bohemia and I recommend that you invest at least two days and one night to get to know this beautiful city.

Cesky Krumlov Castle is its main attraction. This castle dates back to the 13th century and has influences from various architectural styles. In addition, there are tons of things to see and do in Cesky Krumlov.

6.1. How to get from Prague to Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is about a two-hour drive from Prague. You can rent a car , use the Flixbus (they have various schedules and very cheap prices) or hire an excursion.

If you don’t have much time or your intention is to get to know the city in one day, the best option is to hire an excursion from Prague. This way you avoid renting a car or depending on bus schedules and go on your own. The excursion includes transportation and a guide in Spanish.

7. Visit charming TelC

TelC is one of the most charming cities to see in the Czech Republic. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beautiful main square full of colorful houses. You’ll love it! Its little houses date back to the 16th century and it really is a very magical place.

The city also has a Gothic-style castle that is worth a visit. Other places to see are the church of St. James, the views from its tower, its alleys, the small shops, the town hall…

7.1. How to go to Telc

If you are planning to rent a car you can organize a route that includes TelC and Brno . If you want to visit the country by public transport, you do not have a direct route from Prague to TelC. You will need to arrive in Brno to change buses.

8. Olomouc

Olomouc is a city that really surprised us and left us wanting more. It is not a city as crowded with tourists as Prague, Cesky Krumlov or Karlovy Vary and perhaps this is one of the points in its favor. Its high square is beautiful, with an obelisk in the center surrounded by colorful historic buildings. It has cobbled streets, a spectacular town hall and a beautiful cathedral.

8.1. How to get from Prague to Olomouc

Olomouc is almost 3 hours from Prague. It is closer to Brno, less than an hour by car. Therefore, if you are interested in getting to know different cities in the country, I recommend splitting your trip in two. First visiting the places closest to Prague and then knowing the places closest to Brno.

If you want to go from Prague to Olomouc I have not found direct bus options. You must first go to Brno and change buses. Check schedules and routes on Flixbus.

Although I recommend renting a car to get to know the whole area.

Finally, if you want to take an excursion to Olomouc from Prague , you have an option with transportation and a guide in Spanish. It is a fairly long excursion, about 12 hours. But it is a good option for those who want to avoid renting a car or do not want to make the different bus journeys necessary to get there from Prague.

9. Kutna Hora and its Chapel of Bones

Kutna Hora is known for its Chapel of Bones. It is one of the most curious and at the same time most macabre things to see in the Czech Republic. The Kutna Hora chapel is known as the Sedlec Ossuary, and is decorated with the bones of 40,000 to 70,000 people.

In addition, Kutna Hora is a beautiful city where you can also visit the Hradek Castle and the Sankturin House, among many other places of interest.

9.1. How to get to Kutna Hora from Prague

Going by train to Kutna Hora is easy. You must take the R9 line to Golcuv Jenikov and get off at the Kutna Hora stop.

Although it is highly recommended to take an excursion from Prague. The excursion is not very expensive and has many advantages. You will have transportation and guide in Spanish included.

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