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The best applications for Facebook

With the best Facebook applications, you’ll “vitalize” your social network wall and you’ll be able to have all kinds of valuable tools without having to resort to additional software. Through the Facebook application center you will be able to install all the ones you want easily and for free.


Bitstrips is one of the best Facebook apps to create fun vignettes starring you and your friends.

You will only have to draw your virtual avatar and from then on you will have various scenes that you can use to capture the story that comes to mind.

Through it, you can also incorporate the avatars of your friends , and thus post much more original and striking status updates.


Among the best Facebook apps , you can’t miss PicMonkey , a complete image editor that will allow you to retouch your photos without leaving this social network.

With this application, you will be able to easily cut, rotate and apply effects , as well as add textures, text and other common options in this type of tool.


Once you install it and link it to your Spotify, iTunes or Pandora profile , for example, it will start collecting information about the artists you are interested in and will notify you when a concert of theirs is scheduled in your city .

In addition, it will also recommend other concerts that you might be interested in based on your viewing history.


Goodreads is one of the best Facebook apps for book lovers.

By installing it, we will access book recommendations and we will be able to indicate which ones we are reading and highlight our favorites, as well as consult the readings of our friends .

Because it is already known: nothing better than the opinion of an acquaintance to base ourselves on a good recommendation .


Thanks to Survey , it is possible to ask open questions through our profile or post them with the option to answer using predetermined answers.

Thus, it becomes a great application for this social network if we want to know what our friends think at a glance and boost our wall.

Very simple to use and very complete , we will instantly see how the answers to our questions are structured.


Apart from being able to install different apps on Facebook, we can also create our own thanks to AppBuilder .

In it we will find predefined tools that we can customize to develop a Facebook app with very varied themes without having any programming knowledge , and all of this completely free of charge.

Thus, AppBuilder becomes one of the best applications for Facebook in its own right .

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web , a tool to be safe when using this social network.

After installing it, it will monitor our wall in search of malicious links , with which we will avoid entering URLs that can damage our equipment.

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