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The real men in black | The legend behind the Men in Black

When we talk about the best action movies of all time, scenes from films like Terminator, The Departed or The Matrix come to mind . But today in Top10World we want to bring another one of them to your memory. The one in which the unforgettable film couple Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are part of a secret organization in charge of monitoring alien activity on the planet. But as often happens on many occasions, the most amazing legends, including urban ones, find inspiration in reality to conform. And that is precisely what we are about to find out in the next few lines. Did real men in black exist? Join us to discover it.

The plot of the film

At first glance, talking about real men in black doesn’t make much sense. We all associate these characters with the Hollywood mega production that broke all box office records. Recall that at the 1997 Oscar Awards, it won the nominations for Best Soundtrack and Best Art Direction, as well as the statuette for Best Makeup. Its plot is based on the film adaptation of the homonymous cartoon by Lowell Cunningham and brings up the conspiracy theories that establish that the men in black would be in charge of hiding the presence of extraterrestrial beings on our planet from citizens.

The idea that a group of men in suits walked the streets erasing the memory of anyone who had discovered the alien presence on earth is, to say the least, novel. But the legend behind the real men in black seems to be much denser, and find its origin in the conspiracy theories that have been growing by leaps and bounds in North American territory since the explosion of the UFO phenomenon in the 1950s. Apparently, the legends about these real men in black did not include gently erasing the memory of some citizens, but often required the elimination of the witness using “fortuitous accidents”…

The Legend of the Real Men in Black

The first legends about the appearances of the real men in black date back to 1947. At that time, before each sighting that occurred in the United States, the presence of men with hats and dark suits and unique appearance was identified, who were investigating the surroundings asking all kinds of questions to the witnesses. It was said of them that they could be agents of the KGB or the CIA, undercover personalities whose mission was to supervise aviation experiments.

A department dedicated to supervising and controlling any fact related to the technology, weapons and possible “external threats”. Then the stories linked to the real men in black were gaining strength, to the point that some people left as historical testimony the fact that they had met them.

Cases of encounters with the real men in black

1.Albert Ender

The first of the legends about encounters with real men in black occurred in 1953, in Connecticut. Albert Ender was the editor of a UFO magazine called the “International Flying Saucer Bureau.” He was a smart and restless man who traveled the entire country in search of news, until one day he announced that in the next edition of his magazine he would publish ” something that would astonish the world and that would explain the reason why aliens were visiting our planet ”.

This news was never published. It is said that in addition to threatening him, they revealed certain information to him that impressed him for life. He did not write on the UFO subject again until several years later, and when he did, it was to discredit himself.

2.Edward Christiansen

The case of Christiansen is another of the great icons of encounters with real men in black. Christiansen saw a UFO one night in November 1966, and led a normal life assuming that reality as best he could, until the following year he received a visit. He was a man who dressed in dark clothes, was about two meters tall and was very corpulent. He told her that he had just received a very large inheritance.

That interview was the strangest that the Christiansen family would ever have: that man had a strange, metallic voice, he asked personal questions of each member and carefully observed every aspect of the house, every gesture of that simple family. Before leaving, he dropped a word of warning: the importance of not disclosing to anyone the UFO sighting that Mr. Christiansen had experienced the previous year… evidently there was never any inheritance.

3.Herbert Hopkins

And the last of the reference cases about encounters with real men in black happened to Herbert Hopkins, in 1976. This man, a medical professional, was a disturbing person, bald and without eyebrows, who advanced in unusual investigations. One day, a strange man in a dark suit appeared in his office to suggest that he change some data from a series of studies that the doctor was carrying out . But the curious thing about all this is that during that year many other researchers received the same visit, with the same purpose: the need to change certain information in their personal work. It was never explained what they were about. The mystery remained forever in the air.

Government men, secret agents assigned to investigate the UFO issue? Or aliens from other worlds who visit us from time to time to control what we know about them? Who knows… the only thing we can guarantee so far is that the real men in black have not appeared for many years, so we only have their friendly version left, that of the seventh art. And if you’re interested in these weird alien stories, discover the mysteries that lie behind the enigmatic Area 51 .

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