‘The Suicide Squad’: surprising superheroes!

What happens when you break a team of villains out of jail and drop them off on an island where a suicide mission awaits? Not what you expect. Welcome to hard-hitting action and hilarious situations in ‘The Suicide Squad’.


‘ The Suicide Squad ‘ is anything but a typical superhero movie like you can see a dime a dozen. First, because there are no superheroes in this feature film. Then, because the enemies are often eccentric, disturbed, but sufficiently ‘nice’ to be finally eliminated by the superhero (remember, who is not one). And if these killers do not survive the film, ‘The Suicide Squad’ turns the genre upside down and does not hesitate to shake up our preconceptions.


Writer and director James Gunn deliberately chose the lesser-known, but also less successful villains of DC comics to make a feature film he clearly wanted like no other. But the fact of not knowing them does not make the film less entertaining, on the contrary. Harley Quinn goes beyond, by her personality, the world of comics alone. Margot Robbie previously played the Joker ‘s ex in the first ‘The Suicide Squad’ and recently confirmed in ‘Birds of Prey’ that the character is her own. A kind of preserve in some way. Joel Kinaman, appearing in the first season of ‘Altered Carbon’, takes on the role of the only officer willing to collaborate with these criminals. Fans of the series will therefore be delighted to find it.


Will Smith, who played the hitman Deadshot in the first installment, is replaced by an impressive Idris Elba in the similar role of Bloodsport. What, in any case, not to regret the fun Will. The other newcomer is John Cena as Peacemaker, a hilariously naive mountain of testosterone. He describes himself as the dope version of Captain America. Just that ! Moreover, a series is being filmed with for ‘hero’ this Peacemaker of John Cena. Strange decision? Start by watching the movie. and we will discuss it later. We will also have fun with the star side of the film, even if it does not need it, but make no mistake about it: Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn remains irresistible and sublimates every scene in which she appears. If you had to have only one good reason, it would be her…


Margot Robbie repeats it: she likes to see the work of the directors on her character. This time, she brings her grain of salt to an interpretation that everyone will appreciate. With James Gunn, she makes Harley a kind of creator and accelerator of chaos. Quinn does not advance the story, preferring to leave this task to the other protagonists, but brings a spectacular and unpredictable touch to events. Admittedly, Quinn is not the main character of the film, but we quickly understand why she embodies it.


The story is simple. Its execution and the final much less. In exchange for an accommodation, villains travel to a tropical island where they must find a certain Thinker, a scientist at the head of the mysterious Starfish project. But the island is controlled by a megalomaniac tyrant and plans to be a threat to humanity. Two details that will make the operation not go as planned.


This unexpected side is exactly what differentiates ‘The Suicide Squad’ from other films of the same genre, spectacular films where an avenging hand kills evil. An old military proverb says that the best battle plan does not survive contact with the enemy. Nowhere else will you find such brutal and hilarious artwork as in the first ten minutes of this film. The viewer is confused, and more than once. We’ve seen heroes goof off before, but never in such an embarrassing way as with this tape.


While the first installment of ‘The Suicide Squad’ suffered from problems on set and during editing, you’ll believe James Gunn when he says it’s been his most enjoyable directorial experience, if not even the most accomplished.  And the joining of Idris Elba and Margot Robbie says it all. Other actors didn’t bother to read the script. And also read the sidebar on Sylvester…


While ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ was largely based on special effects, Gunn chose live sets and only ‘practical’ effects for ‘The Suicide Squad’ to add a dose of authenticity to his direction. . Unlike many other superhero films, the camera is much closer to the characters. There’s no shortage of mind-blowing or downright crazy mega scenes, but most shots get their raw intensity from the fact that you’re immersed in them. Also notice a relatively gray start to the film and the color that gradually takes over. It may not add anything to the story, but there’s more to a better movie than plot and acting.

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