Tips for taking your private classes at home or online

In recent years, the measures and learning systems have changed so much that conventional classes are no longer enough to achieve complete learning. The good news is that you can now count on school support at Superprof and ensure your education and that of your loved ones.

6 tips for taking your private classes

Private classes have become one of the best options to learn a new skill or reinforce previous knowledge, since the student receives a much more personalized treatment, which helps him learn better . However, like any other process, it requires constant discipline and preparation.

For this reason, regardless of whether the private classes will be at home or online, we recommend that you always follow these steps so that your process with Superprof’s school support is a success. Our 6 recommendations for your private classes are:

1. Find a teacher that suits your needs

With the Superprof school support system, you have a long list of teachers available in each area, each one has a profile where you can find out all their qualities. We recommend you contact and consult all your doubts with those teachers that you consider, adapt to all your needs.

2. Reach an agreement with the teacher

On this platform you have direct contact with the teacher (which is a huge advantage), since you can agree on schedules, number of classes, topics and more. However, it is important that you are very honest with him or her, and express all your needs.

3. Arrive on time

Once you have found the ideal teacher, you must arrive on time for your classes, as punctuality is essential for the learning process to work properly. Keep in mind that each class is planned in advance and has a period of time designed for the student to learn correctly.

4. Take notes

Receiving school support at Superprof, you have a complete platform that will give you access to the best teachers in each area, and who will offer you access to all their knowledge. However, it is important that you write down all your learnings and save them, in this way, you can reinforce them in the future.

5. Ask questions

The learning process is quite complex and not all students associate the teachings in the same way. For this reason, we recommend that you always consult your teacher with any questions you may have.

6. Reinforce learning

There are two ways in which the student can reinforce all their learning. The first is by reading the support material that our teachers leave, because on our platform we usually work with support tools such as Google Education.

The second way depends on the agreements generated with the teacher. After each class, you can receive some tasks or activities to reinforce the learning . We suggest you always do them, since excellence is based on repetition and improvement of what has been learned.

Advantages of receiving your Private or Online classes with us

If you are willing to follow all the advice that we indicate and want to start receiving private classes with this learning support system in Superprof, you should know that you will have the following benefits.

  • The teachers offer you a free first class so that you can get to know them and evaluate their methods. In this first class you can ask them all your doubts and certify if they are the ideal person for you.
  • The platform has teachers throughout the country, so you can select one who is in your region or close to you, to give you private face-to-face classes.
  • Teachers have a detailed profile, showing testimonials and ratings from their former students . This gives you greater confidence and security in terms of their experience, as well as their teaching methods.

The priority is your learning, therefore, superprof has a complete system where teachers share their knowledge, and students find an ally who, in addition to solving their doubts, teaches them values ​​for their entire lives.

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