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Top 10 Thing about How to know if a house is haunted?

In Top10World we have had the opportunity to talk to you about the mystery and the supernatural things that happen around us; Some time ago we told you about the darkest places in the world . Today we want to share with you an article that took us a while to write… How to know if a house is haunted? What a difficult question, because the answer depends on many factors, but here we want to show you some of them that you must take into account to determine if a house is haunted . Do you want to meet them? Continue reading!

How to know if a house is haunted?

Strange noises, doors slamming shut, sudden cold, a different smell in the air; Those and many more are the signs that can make us believe that a house is haunted. It is easy for us to decide that it is and become obsessed with this idea, but the truth is that the vast majority of cases have a very, very logical explanation. .

In fact, Troy Taylor, the founder of the American Ghost Society , an American “ghost hunting” network, says that in all the years he has been involved in ghost hunting, he has found that the vast majority of cases they had an explanation and an absolutely natural origin for the “strange” events that people report to them. So how do you know if a house is haunted?

Very rarely do these strange occurrences go unanswered or have it ever been suggested that this was a truly “haunted” house. With this in mind, we are going to review some of the incidents that can lead us to think that our home is inhabited by spirits or that it is simply haunted.

Paranormal events in houses

Although one of the best places to spend Halloween is a fake haunted house, the truth is that there are real testimonies of houses that are simply possessed, ideal places for forces of evil and beyond to inhabit the earthly plane. As we told you before, the answer to how to know if a house is haunted is complex to answer, for the same reason that cases of haunted houses are extremely rare , but it is always interesting and curious to review the signs of the possible presence of evil beings in a place…

1. Unexplained sounds

To start our list on how to tell if a house is haunted, the first thing to consider is the sounds: knocks on the door, scrapes, falling objects… Sometimes even doors, cabinets and drawers opening and then closing. All these sounds are usually heard by the inhabitants of the house, if you hear them frequently, you can begin to suspect…

2. Flashing lights

As if we were in one of the horror classics , you should know that with the presence of “others”, many electrical devices and light bulbs turn on and off at will, changing their state suddenly. Sometimes the subject who experiences it knows for sure that he has turned off the device in question and finds it turned on or vice versa, leaving him stunned .

3. Objects that disappear and reappear

This incident is known as the Disappearing Objects Effect. On many occasions these disappearances are due to oversights of the owners of the house, in fact in science this phenomenon exists, so you should not worry if you are doubting about an object that you do not remember having put there.

However, if you are completely sure that that object is not in the place where you left it and it does not appear anywhere, but after looking for it conscientiously it reappears in the expected place, be alarmed, you are facing one of the strongest factors to know if a house is haunted .

4. Strange Shadows

How to know if a house is haunted? Generally the leftovers are one of the most key qualities to solve the question. It’s about those movements, shapes or shadows that we see out of the corner of our eye sometimes. Many times they correspond to light effects or are the result of fatigue , only in cases that do not coincide with both reasons, we can come to think that it is a paranormal phenomenon.

5. Strange behavior of pets in the house

The animals in the house can react by barking or meowing towards something that we cannot see. Sometimes they may even refuse to enter a room where they used to spend time. This may be due to the fact that animals have more developed senses than we do and will intuit that something strange is happening in space .

6. Is anyone watching me?

Can we really notice that someone is watching us ? That very common feeling of someone looking at us could be considered caused by a spirit if it occurs very often in a home, especially if that sensation makes us feel extremely uncomfortable or anxious.

7. Unexplained movements

There are thousands of horror phrases , but very few gestures that make us shake to the bone. Hearing objects move without us is child’s play compared to seeing them move in our presence. Some people even claim that they have felt someone sitting on their bed or touching them, this is also often related to sleep paralysis , but if you are not asleep then run!

8. Whispers and cries

To enter into emphatic elements of events that let us know if a house is haunted, is to listen to unintelligible whispers or distant cries. What explanation can we give?

9. Suddenly hot or cold areas of the house

without any explanation some parts of the house change temperature randomly, for no reason. According to specialists this may be due to the presence of a spirit , it is not normal for microclimates to be created in such specific environments of a place.

10. Perfumes whose source is unknown

To close our list on how to know if a house is haunted, we tell you that it is possible that when you are at home, a smell that you do not know or that reminds you of someone we met invades you, you must think that it is possible that the house is. inhabiting some spirit, usually someone close who has passed away or someone who has unfinished business in this world .

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